Vastu Tips: 15 Vastu Home Decor Tips To Bring Good Luck

Everyone wants a little luck in their life and house irrespective of whether you believe in superstitions or not. These solutions promise to fill your home with happiness, good health, and fortune.Vastu Shastra literally means the science of arranging the five elements of nature i.e., earth, water, fire, air and sky within the house in complete harmony. People might disagree but Vastu tips for home does have its scientific reasoning behind every item. Vastu for home decor can bring good luck and peace in life. These items will enhance your Vastu for home too.


Here are the top 15 Vastu Shastra for home you should have in your home for good luck and fortune.


1. Wind Chimes - To add beauty to your home you can make an effort of hanging wind chimes. Not only are these about beauty, these bring peace, prosperity and positivity in your life. Wind chimes make your home peaceful and attractive.


2. Tortoise - Have you ever wondered why do tortoises have a hard shell? It is to protect them from external dangers. Since their lifespan is long, hence is their family. Their presence at your home symbolizes good health and successful living. Therefore having tortoise is basic vastu for home.


3. Peacock Feathers - Peacock feathers are a symbol of spirituality and having them at home brings peace, happiness and joy to your family. The colorful feathers are a symbol of the colors of your life. To get away from negative energies have peacock feathers at your home in a clean space. It acts as a charm for you and family.


4. Crystal Tortoise - Keeping crystal tortoise at your home making it face the northern side of your home in either your living room or dining room or business areas enhances the growth of your career, wealth, longevity of your life, etc. For a successful like with everything going good keep crystal tortoise at home.


5. Flower and water - The most affordable item one can have at their home to bring luck is flower and water. It is one of the simplest vastu item to have at home. Take a bowl of your choice, preferably crystal one, and have it filled with water and flower petals on top and see the magic of positivity and beauty around you. Not just positivity but it also brings wealth to your home.


6. Buddha - All of us know about Buddhism. What Lord Buddha preached was peace over everything. Thus to safeguard yourself from all the negativities place a statue of Buddha in front of your door facing towards East. Not only does it make your environment peaceful it also removes negativity and brings prosperity.


7. Fish Aquarium - How do you feel when looking at colorful fishes swimming in the water? Isn't it serenely beautiful? Bring an aquarium to your home and learn to add life to your living by seeing them swim in and out. You can rectify your mistakes by keeping an aquarium at your home. Not just that it helps you lower your blood pressure, releases your stress and anxiety.


8. Horseshoe Amulet - You must have noticed horseshoe hanging on some wall. No that's not meaningless. Having it hung on the entrance of your home keeps evil eyes away.


9. Water Fountain - An indoor fountain is very auspicious for Vastu Shastra for home. Place it on the north, east or northeast corner of your home. The water should always be flowing.


10. Arrange The Interiors - When you don't feel right at your home try arranging the interior settings of your home and see how it changes your mood and life at the same time. Let ample natural light flow into your home.


11. Vastu Paintings - According to Vastu, certain paintings bring good luck in your life. There are paintings affecting every sphere of life. Place painting of  seven running horses, waterfall, goldfish and flowing river to attract money. To attract better job opportunities, install paintings of endless straight paths and roads. Homes that do not have a fire element must include paintings of sunrise and candles. Also, one can place paintings of birds and flowers to strengthen mutual relationships.


12. Fresh Flowers - Having some fresh flowers at your home makes your life beautiful in so many ways. Flowers are an object of spreading harmony. Having them at home makes your life go smoothly.


13. Small Lamp - To keep a small Lamp in your hall room doesn't just make your hallroom beautiful it also adds light to your life, it brings you good luck in more than one sphere and helps you to accomplish a Prosperous life.


14. Laughing Buddha - According to Vastu laughing buddha statue holds greater significance. Placing it at home has greater benefits. While it makes the surroundings peaceful, it removes negative influences and brings prosperity.


15. Three Golden Owls - The figure of three owls colored in golden shade is considered auspicious according to Vastu. It isn't just beautiful from the point of view of decor but is also responsible for positive changes at home. It keeps bad energy away.

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