Types of Tiles for Your Home

Our homes are a mixture or a representation of so many things coming together. It takes everything together to reflect the look of your house. When it comes to interiors, tiles are one of the most important part. That is the reason choosing the right and good quality tiles within your home is so much important for all homeowners.

Even though we are an interior design company we cannot be the one making the choice of tiles perfect for your Indian floors. We can but help you make an informed choice after getting a broad idea of budget friendly floor tiles from this article. Thus, read this blog by ASE INFRASTRUCTURES to help yourself with information about the types of tiles and things related to it.

1. Ceramic Tiles

These are tiles that are made of clay of colours such as red, brown or white. These mixed coloured clay is fired to form colorful ceramic tiles. These can turn out to be the best tiles for your home tiles design because ceramic tiles are scratch resistant, stain resistant. But what you should remember is that it can crack if any heavy item falls on it, therefore it can be a great option for your wall tiles since there's no chance of anything falling on the wall.

2. Porcelain Tiles

These too are tiles made of clay, but in it we also find the smattering of sand together with feldspar. These tiles are baked in fire in a comparatively higher temperature which gives it more density as well as durability. Porcelain tiles are a good option for your home since they are scratch free, stain free and also non porous.

3. Vitrified Tiles

Vitrified tiles are almost similar to ceramic tiles other than the fact that silica is involved in its making. Both silica and the clay during vitrification, melt to give out a glass like material within tiles. For this glass like material in it, the shine remains longer than others. It is easily installed and it also is a good option for your interiors.

4. Onyx Tiles

Onyx is kind of a copy of marble. It looks just like marble but both are not same. These are very much affordable and can be used as your living room floor tiles. Even though it looks like marble it is much more stronger than marble.

5. Vinyl Tiles

It is kind of a synthetic material that feels like stone but looks like wood. For families that have pets and kids this is one of the best and most affordable choice. These are waterproof tiles but aren't completely stain free so you better be careful.

Which colour is best for floor tiles?

Using lighter shades such as beige, cream, white and lighter shades of grey is a good choice since these lighter shades reflect natural light and make your room feel larger. Use this guide before you decide what's best for your home.

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