Types of Glass that Allow in Light

Doors, windows, and glass windows are a great source to allow natural sunlight at our private cozy little insides of our home. But all of these also mean that people from outside can see into spaces that you may not want to share with them. It might interfere your privacy. You need not need to worry any more since we've brought out solutions to allow sunlight into your house while keeping the privacy inside. To learn how to bring privacy with frosted glass read on!

Types of glass that allow in light but also doesn't let the world have an eye on your private space are:

1. Frosted or translucent glass

Frosted glass is also known as translucent glass. It keeps the privacy inside by obscuring visibility but it also diffuses light. You get a vision that's hazy of the outer side to ensure privacy inside. These glasses are made by sandblasting or acid-etching one surface of the transparent glass pane, creating pitted indentations for a semi-opaque finish.

2. Stained glass

Stained glass blocks the view outside but it does allow sunlight to reflect inside keeping the interiors warm and vibrant. Stained glasses are coloured glasses upon which abstract floral or figure designs are carved to give it a handcrafted as well as unique look. These can be used as partitions, or in windows and doors.

3. Fluted glass

Fluted glass have vertical grooves to give it a textured look. These are decorative glasses and is also known by the names of reeded, rippled or ribbed glass. Like frosted glass fluted glass too provide privacy while letting light in. Not just for windows, doors or as partitions, you can also use these as materials for cabinets since these are decorative glasses and its subtle surface delicately distorts the view through the glass pane, while maintaining light and airy interior spaces.

4. Coloured glass

Coloured glasses may sound similar to stained glasses, but they are not. Stained glasses are coloured glass upon which you'd find different designs whereas coloured glasses have no designs but only paint which blocks the view on the other side but doesn't block the sunlight from diffusing in.

5. Reflective glass

In reflective glasses a coat of metallic color is applied on one particular side of the glass. This is done to ensure that it gives an effect of a mirror like structures. Doing this blocks the view from outside by creating a blockage but it doesn't give problem allowing light to enter.It is mostly used in facades to create dynamic exteriors.

Have you used any of these glass types in your home yet? If not you can try it out and you wouldn't need to do much you just need to give us a call and we'll get it fixed for you at your convenient space.

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