Types of flooring - Which is the best option for your Indian homeTypes of flooring - Which is the best option for your Indian home

Your dream of having an apartment doesn't end just by investing on an apartment. After you buy a property what you usually do is spend quite a lot of time thinking and deciding the interiors of your home and also about the colors of the walls. But have you ever spent time thinking what can be that one thing which can change the entire look of your personal and private space? If you haven't, then let us tell you it is the flooring that can really bring a positive change to the way your home or space looks. There are multiple flooring options and if you find the right one for your house then believe us you don't have to worry about changing it ever. But choosing and deciding from the best flooring for house in India can be both a daunting as well as expensive task. That's the reason this blog is going to be helpful in making you aware about the bits and pieces of flooring.

Types of Flooring

1. Marble - Most of the Indian families go with marble as the most sought-after material for flooring and ideal for Indian homes. It is one of the most easy material to be cleaned. These materials are durable as well and also adds beauty to the look of your home.

2. Vinyl - Though vinyl is not preferred that much and is passed on by others but it is one of the pet friendly flooring materials suitable for Indian homes. It's a sound-absorbent material and is also quite affordable and thus is ideal for Indian home.

3. Vitrified Tiles - Vitrified tiles are quite similar to the traditional ceramic tiles the only difference is that unlike ceramic tiles these are made of silica and clay. The process to lay these type of material of your flooring is easy. These are a great alternative to granite and marbles. But they are a little more expensive than the ceramic tiles because it uses the mixture of silica and clay.

4. Hardwood - If your walls are of neutral colors the hardwood flooring would suit the best. The brown shade of hardwood flooring material complements your neutral look of the home.

5. Indian Patent Stone - It is one of the most preferable flooring option in India. These tiles are made of concrete mix and therefore are tough material which lasts long, sometimes a lifetime if well maintained. It is affordable and also give a rough and rustic look to your home. If you wish to preserve its color and keep it stain free then what you can do is apply a wax coat or a sealer.

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