Types of Cabinets – Which Is Suitable For Your Home?

The material that goes into making your cabinet is the deciding factor for how your cabinet is going to look and what purpose is it going to serve. To balance both the style as well as its structure and purpose let’s have a look at the most common types of wood cabinets. Cabinet materials made of wood are a classic feature to any parts of the home.

Types of Wood Cabinets

Wood cabinets can be of various colours as well as of distinct styles. How it looks and functions depends on the material that’s been used by companies providing interior design services. Check out this guide to know about the differences and the types.

1. Red Oak Wood Cabinets

Red oak wood that is used for kitchen cabinets are very much in demand for its durable and strong quality. It is also inexpensive and is available in a wide range of styles and used as traditional cabinets. This wood literally works the best for stock, semi-custom, and custom made cabinets.

2. White Oak Wood Cabinets

White oak wood can be said to be as durable as the red oak wood and a little more strong than that. It is especially used for custom cabinetry. Also it is available only as a custom option.

3. Hard Maple Wood Cabinets

Hard maple wood is a lighter coloured wood and also is known to be a fine grain. It is costlier than oak woods but is a little less dense. For a semi0custom as well as custom made cabinetry hard maple woods ae a popular choice. It can be coloured or polished before it is transformed into cabinets as a part of remodelling or home improvement, but, Its light colour gives it a natural and a subtle contemporary look.

4. Hickory Wood Cabinets

Hickory wood is lighter than oak but is similar in quality and strength. It is more of a creamy, pale yellow colour which can be stained if desired. It is not really a popular choice for custom and semi-custom cabinetry.

5. Cherry Wood Cabinets

Cherry wood cabinets are quite hard and ductile because they can stand knocks and marring. They are very elegant and formal to use. It can be designed with versatility which can give your space a contemporary look. It is a smooth, fine-grained wood, of reddish brown color that darkens as it ages.

When deciding between which one is suitable for your home look into these factors so that it becomes easy and certain for you to choose the one that goes with your taste and budget.

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