We pass through a lot of structures around ourselves every single day. Some of the structures are under construction buildings while some are ready to move in. We also pass a lot of construction site on our way to office or school or whatsoever. What we see around us are buildings, homes, sheds, garages, malls, etc. Do you look at them and wonder how they are all different from each other or how they have all been constructed? If so, look below to discover the 5 most basic types of construction.


1.Timber :  You would find a variety of wood materials which can be used for the construction of your building, such as : bamboo ; plank, beam etc. But the quality of each material differs from the other on the basis of the technical input used by the construction company.

2.Stone : This is a type of construction planning used widely all over the world. The materials that you find everyday in the blocks of the walls around the street are block of natural stone materials. Some of the natural stone materials available are granite, laterite, sandstone and slate . Houses of this construction type is mostly found in urban and rural areas around the world.

3.Brick :  Buildings made of brick is yet another construction type. The material is widely used for housing and other purposes all over the world by the builders. Clay mud is used to form regular sized masonry units. Brick masonry houses are made with or without  mortars ; when mortars are used , they are either mud- base or cement - base . These units are the main materials used in the walls.

4.Concrete frame construction:  There are construction types which involves the use of wood or steel for framing, but concrete frame construction uses concrete columns, concrete beams, and concrete slabs to give a strong structural support. It is probably the most common kind of construction system used around the world today. The outer part of the construction can be  made of bricks, aluminium or glass.

5.Steel frame construction : Steel is  an immensely strong and flexible material used by the constructors for building construction this is why steel  frame construction are ideal for earthquake areas. And these are used mostly in large buildings. High rise buildings are commonly built using this method, as it’s easy to transport materials up using cranes and the components are quickly bolted or welded together.

If you've read it all you do have quite a wholesome idea about the 5 different construction types. Based on your requirement and affordability you can choose the one that's most suitable to you.

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