To keep up with the pace of urbanization there has been rapid improvement in the building materials. Technology too has been modernised and improved.

Since local materials are key components in the construction of an area, let us get to know what local materials are. Locally available materials of a region are known as local materials. Some examples of local material are timber, stones, sands, etc. Use of these local materials increases the sustainability of a project. India is a diversified country, a land of various cultures and geographical variations. All of these lead to varied housing and dwelling seen in different parts of the country. Some part of architecture consists of kuccha houses built using materials such as mud, grass, bamboo, sticks that are naturally available in the environment, which are impermanent structures tarnished by natural calamities. Some part of architecture consists of semi pukka construction that makes use of durable materials to help the dwelling structures stand against the natural forces. But what about modern days construction? Modern day urban areas have structures that are durable, strong and long lasting. These structures are made up of man-made substances such as clay tiles, bricks, cement, concrete, metals and other durable materials.

Modern day infrastructure demands a combination of innovative modern day styles along with the usage of modern building materials that ensure durability and sustainability, together with high end durable materials to give your desire a shape. A construction isn’t just about shape, it also is about the materials that are used in the construction. Everybody desires a product that is stylish as well as durable. The materials used by different construction companies are different to match up with their architectural styles and techniques used. As per their style, requirements and budget the developers use specific products. In spite of all this there are some common great building materials used mostly by all the construction companies and developers in India.

Cement – You can call cement a binder anytime of the day since it binds other substances together. To build a strong building a combination of cement, other concrete substances is a must.

Concrete – A hard stone like structure made up of water, aggregate and cement is used to mould it into different shapes. The structures made or built of concrete are strong and durable. These are used in all kinds of constructions.

Bricks and Blocks – Mud or clay is turned into bricks by firing and put in shapes to give the desired shape and thickness which could add to the strength of a structure. These are mainly used in building wall like structures.

Metal – To build taller structures developers make use of metals such as steel and aluminium alloy. These are used as structural frameworks. It adds strength and flexibility to buildings.

Glass – Glass is mainly used in buildings for beautification of the structures. It also keeps the temperature regulated. It is generally made of mixtures of sand and silicates. It has become one of the most important material used by developers in construction as more and more buildings seem to have exterior made of glass.

Plastics – Plastic is that one product that can be moulded into various forms. It is cost effective and due to its qualities like ease of manufacturing, versatility and imperviousness to water is extensively used as a building material.

Wood – Wood is a natural resource. It is a very strong construction material specially when compressed vertically.

The times are changing, the world is modernizing. With the changing times the newer technologies and materials are replacing the older ones. In the construction market everyday there’s a new material with higher resilience, longevity and cost effectiveness. It won’t be long that India would have a complete makeover in the construction technique and materials used.

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