Most expensive wood for furniture in Visakhapatnam

Wood is a material that you'll find in almost everybody's home. It is something that is commonly used to make furniture and this furniture you would find in almost everybody's home. For the making of this furniture, almost any kind or type of wood can be used. But you must remember that not all wood materials provide the same quality construction in Vishakhapatnam. There are types of wood that are used by the top interior designers in Vishakhapatnam for their durability and many other qualities. Be it for residential homes or for commercial offices there is furniture in a variety of styles and quality provided by the best residential architects near me

This blog is going to be the only guide that you'll need to learn about the different varieties of woods and their taste and expenses.

There are mainly two major types of wood used by the list of Top carpenters in Vishakhapatnam. They are as follows:

1. Softwood

Softwood is made from tropical evergreen trees which are also termed gymnosperms. The widely known evergreen trees are pine, fir, juniper, yew, redwood, etc. Evergreen forest if you know of are less dense than deciduous one, which is why excavation of evergreen trees are easier. These woods are lighter in terms of shade. But their resistance to fire isn't strong. Because these are fine as well as lightweight these woods become an an ideal choice for woodwork services near me.

2. Hardwood

By the term hardwood, you all must have realized the texture of these woods. They come from trees that are grown in deciduous forests and these trees aren't easy to extract. Some of the hardwood trees are oak, maple, walnut, etc. These trees grow slowly and due to the slow growth, they have denser wood fibers. As it is not easy to extract it is expensive compared to softwood. But these are woods that are durable, strong, and require low maintenance. It can resist fire well.


A. Mahogany

You must have heard about Mahogany; these are the popular hardwood tropical trees. They are expensive and the reason for it is they are beautiful, durable, and their colors are insane. The shades tend to darken over time which makes it more beautiful.

B. Red Oak

Oak trees are found in abundance in the northern hemisphere. Wood from these trees is known to be strong, durable, heavy, and retain the quality to resistant fungal attack.

C. Maple

Asia has a fair lot of maple trees. These woods are durable and can resist splitting.


A. Fir

Fir trees usually grow in the mountains and are known to have strength as well as elasticity. It is also known for stability and low shrinkage.

B. Yew

Yew trees’ heartwood is known to be very hard and tough. The best timber comes from these trees. Woods from these trees have high elasticity and are flexible and durable.

C. Pine

Pine trees have high strength compared to other Softwood trees.

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