How to check your home builders references?

Buying a home is the most expensive investment one can make. Therefore, a project should be chosen with utmost care keeping all the factors in mind that makes your investment valuable and liable.

One of the most vital factor to check is the builder's reputation and the reliability of the developer of the project. The buyer must know about the credibility of the developer in the market and his strong financial position to deliver the project on time.

The property owners must know every little detail about the developer. The developer's past performance, feedbacks on his previous projects are too important.

One should ask the developer for all documents relating to project approvals like title deed, encumbrance, land use, approvals. One must also ensure that all commitments are met at the time of possession.

One of the most important aspects to check while buying a property is the builder's construction experience. More often than not, every builder has a list of completed, current, and forthcoming projects.

This will help you get an idea about the number and type of projects that have been developed by the builder. Experienced builders generally have clearly laid-out processes, from project approvals to the actual construction.

You can ask for structural stability certificate, issued by the structural engineer, to be sure that the building has been built according to the projected load.

Test reports are also a good indicator to understand the strengths of the materials used

The vast majority of builders are happy to provide prospective clients with a list of people for whom they have recently built homes. They encourage prospective clients to call these references and ask about their experience and level of satisfaction.

References may also include financial partners, trade contractors, materials suppliers, and other colleagues who can provide perspective on theirprofessionalism and track record of performance.

Homeowners who fail to check their builder’s references do themselves a disservice.

After all, a reference check is an easy way to avoid trouble and an important confirmation that hiring a particular company is a good choice.

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