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Building a house is a commitment like no other, which is why you should all know before committing to the home building and buying process what you're signing up for, in the form of time as well as budget. It involves a lot of planning as well as effort to calculate the house construction cost as well as the time required to build a home. There are so many factors affecting or directly influencing the time to build a house. Some of them are complexity of the house construction project, the land on which the home is being built, the area where the home is being built, and the intricacy of the home’s floor plan, all of these will affect the timeline of the construction process.

According to some sources the average time required for a completion of a single family home is nearly around 7 months. The two most important factors that affect the house construction time period is the construction style which can be either custom home or production home. Custom homes usually take more time production homes and that's no hidden fact.

The region, in simple words the place where you are getting the home built by the builders too affect your timeline of design and build. The northeast region specially due to the mountains and the climate there takes more construction time than any other types.

One more thing that may suddenly affect the timeline of your construction process is your sudden requirement of unplanned changes. When you as buyers demand some  new functionality or feature in the house design delays in the process are bound to happen since this was not included within  the planned timespan.

These were some of the basic ones. But let us now identify the most commonly cited factors influencing construction time.

1. Workers and supplies - Labors need to be available for your house construction process to be on time. Summer is the time when most people get their home construction done so it is the time you might have difficulty getting in the builders that you cannot do without.

2. Environment - Depending on the region type your construction time can be affected. In metropolitan areas construction time is usually shorter than that in the hilly regions. In rural areas it takes the most amount of time due to the unavailability of supplies as well as the weather conditions there.

3. Permits and pre construction - The place where the home is to be built must be prepared before the builders start on with the process. This involves clearing trees, rocks and other items for leveling the foundation. Also your house construction need permits from certain authorities, not getting proper approvals and permits are due to cause delay in your construction time.

4. Changes - If you suddenly come up with changes in house plans then it will surely consume more time since this was not included while counting the initial time frame. Also if you wait till the last moment to decide on certain matters related to the house it will cause delays. You must therefore maintain good and open communication with your builder in order to lose time.

5. Construction style - Based on whether your house is custom built or production built the time to construct it will vary. Custom built home takes around 9 months for completion whereas production built homes take 7.

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