World Environment Day just passed and we realize the importance of being eco friendly. The basic eco friendly step that we take is recycling rubbish. But this is only one way. One could do many more things to turn his or her house into an eco friendly home. All of these steps will together play an important role in making us more savvier about our home interiors and encourage a better sustainable lifestyle.

These are some of the ways you can turn your home into an eco friendly house. Read on to know how to make your home eco friendly in some simple steps.

1. Install A Smart Meter

Not in summer but while it's winter some of us leave the heating system on for longer than we actually need. These are ways in which our energy consumption increase. But having a Smart Meter installed in your home will have the house heat up only before you actually need it to. This will not only save your energy bill but would also act as a boon for those concerned about carbon footprint.

2. Install Solar Panels

Adding solar panels to your home would really act as one great step towards turning your entire home into an eco friendly one. Although you have to initiatially invest a little money on it, it's a long term investment. And in the long run it would save you a lot of money and more money than you actually spent.

3. Insulate Your Home

If your home is well insulated it would hold on to the heat easily for a longer duration. So when you reheat your spaces it'll not consume much energy. To save money in smart ways you can surely include this while having a home renovation.

4. Replace Oil Paints

Oil paints do not contain natural pigments whereas water-based paints contain natural pigments. The mostly used paint for the decoration is the oil paint but it is not as eco friendly as it needs to be. Water based paints ain't just eco friendly but they also provide a variety of beautiful colors that seem aesthetically pleasing and satisfying.

5. Think Green While Cleaning

Like everything favourite we have our cleaning detergents and materials too which we include within our favorites. But have you ever thought about the harms it does to the environment? Once you use them they are passed down to the water supply where it takes a lot more energy and hardwork to get the water cleaned or purified. You can replace these detergents with natural substances like vinegar, lemon juice or soda to kill bacteria and make your home greener.

These little things can make great differences and are the most easy ways to make your home more eco friendly. Get in touch with your developers and ask them to add these eco friendly features to your home and contribute towards a better, healthier and a green environment.

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