Eco Friendly Decor Ideas For Your Home

Sustainable decoration ideas are so much in trend because of how it leaves a calming effect and how it adds a bohemian touch to your sweet home. They are a great option to have an affordable eco home. And not just that they are environment friendly and aesthetically pleasing too.

Sustainability is where the focus is more on doing things without exploiting the environment. Sustainable development is meeting your needs without preventing future generations from meeting their needs. The world is already facing severe long term problems like global warming, environmental degradation and climate change, which makes the present a high time to understand the magnitude of the situation and do whatever it requires to save the planet from being depleted.

You must have heard the phrase that charity begins at home. Likewise why not take a step forward towards sustainable development by getting sustainable interior designs at your home by the eco friendly house builders. For a brighter, safer and a healthier tomorrow let us look at sustainable home decor ideas that will enhance the beauty of your home without hurting the environment.

1. Terracotta tiles are an eco-friendly and sustainable flooring option for your home as these are made from clay and other natural materials which gives a warm,earthy tone to your floors. They do not just warm up your space and make it look aesthetically pleasing but are efficient as well durable too. Since these are highly porous, avoid using them in the balcony and bathroom, instead use them for your kitchen, bedroom and living room flooring. Even though terracotta tiles are comparatively soft material they can withstand heavy traffic.

2. If you want to add some exotic to your living and dining space bamboo partitions could be an excellent option for you. They are eco friendly, natural as well as versatile. Not only that it also adds a calming effect to your room. With these floor to ceiling bamboo partitions you get the desired partition without compromising the boho look of your home. These are simple yet elegant, minimalistic and sustainable way to brighten up your space. You do not have to do much to maintain it or for it to blend.

3. You can incorporate the industrial design in your bedroom. It is a sustainable and eco friendly way to design your bedroom. A brick cladding wall with a distressed finish, recycled wooden flooring and minimal furniture can bring a stylish edge to your bedroom without harming the environment. Despite its minimalism, industrial-style interiors bring a bold statement and strike the correct balance between modern and time-worn elements. The extensive use of recycled materials makes this design extremely sustainable.

4. You can decorate your living room without even having to spend much and also by not harming the environment in any way. You must choose to go minimalistic with your home interiors. It gives your living room a clutter-free look by make it look spacious and attractive. Let ample natural light flood into your space. The more illuminated your room is the more positivity and freshness it's going to bring. You can also add a simple sofa, some hanging fresh plants, jute rugs and some DIY decor items to give it a personalized touch. These elements are eco-friendly, biodegradable and highly trendy. They also add a lovely bohemian vibe to your living space.

5. Jute is a natural fibre, it is an incredibly sustainable material to be used at your home. Not just that it is also known for its versatility as well as durability. It adds a rustic look to a home’s interior design and can be used in multiple ways to amplify the aesthetics of your home without harming the environment. Jute brings texture to spaces and can be used on furniture pieces like your sofa, headboard, etc. Add a carpet or a jute throw on your sofa to stitch the look together. You can pair it up with some fluffy pillows to bring in striking contrast to these textures and give it a rustic touch.

Try these out to give your house a budget friendly makeover that doesn't even harm the environment. It's the only way to a brighter and healthier tomorrow. To get your home designed in an eco friendly style reach out to ASE INFRASTRUCTURES. You can also follow us on Instagram.

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