Different Types of Ceilings For Your Commercial and Residential Space

It is no hidden fact that the world has lately seen changes and developments that have taken place with time. Changes and developments have taken place in the architectural industry as well. One such change is the introduction of different types of ceiling designs which are different from the conventional ceiling designs. Different ceiling designs changed the way commercial and residential premises are ornated.

Here are the different types of latest trends in ceiling designs that are most commonly used in both commercial and residential spaces, thus pick the right ceiling design for your space to elevate your room

1. False Ceilings-False ceilings hang down from the metal grid just below the existing base ceiling. False ceilings help conceal the electrical as well as other fixtures at your home. These are very flexible and available in diverse false ceiling designs for office and commercial buildings. They can be erected with different designs, patterns, and shapes irrespective of the size or dimensions of the property.

2. Coffered Ceilings-Coffered ceilings are another elegant modern ceiling design idea that gives your home an elegant look. These are widely used in spaces like hotels, libraries, historic churches, art galleries, courthouses, and more. These are a great house ceiling option that gives your abode an aesthetic look. The grid patterns of these ceilings can be 9f different shapes such as square, rectangle, polygon etc.

3. Conventional Ceiling-Conventional ceilings are conventional and if you are thinking which one is that let me tell you it's the one thats flat and plain and looks like the walls of your room. These are the easiest to build. They are lightweight and versatile in nature, these are cost-effective and also easy to install. Conventional ceiling installation is commonly used in homes.

4. Cathedral Ceilings-The V-shaped looking ceilings are what cathedral ceilings are. These are used in spaces that are huge such as a big living room, or a big dining room, or a big hall room. You may be familiar with this type of ceiling but maybe the name with which you know it is vaulted ceilings, both the terms can be used for this type. The chandelier cathedral ceiling gives the most luxurious looks and aesthetics.

5. Beam Ceilings-By the make itself you must have understood it involves the use of beams. They are mostly found in halls and corridors if it's a commercial building and in case of residential building you find it in living room or dining room. It adds a classic or rustic look to your home as well as commercial space.

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