You must be thinking why do you even need to learn architectural terminologies. Let me tell you why. While getting your apartment renovated or constructed  by a construction company you will have to come to conversation with builders, and there you will get to hear some architectural vocabulary whose meanings you may have no idea about. This is why you must know some of the basic architectural words in order to understand the architectural language spoken by the builders and developers. To help you learn the meanings of some of the most common words related to architecture we have compiled some words. Do give it a read to familiarize yourself with these common words related to infrastructure.

1. Terracotta - The clay when fired takes a reddish brown color and is used as ornaments while styling or designing the house. It could also be used as a building material.

2. Shed roof - A roof that has a single slope, which helps in preventing pooling of water. These roofs are usually plane with no ridges, hips.

3. Dormer - A dormer is a vertical window. It usually projects from a sloping roof and illuminates the entire room. It is a window that sticks out from a sloping roof.

4. Architecture - Architecture is simply the art of building or constructing from simple to complex structures or buildings using different building materials.

5. Brackets - Since you found the weird here as well, you know now that bracket is an architectural term as well. It is an architectural element used to form a structure of for decors. It can be made of various materials. It usually carries weight and is projected from the wall.

6. Balconet - A false balcony or a railing at the outward side of a window is known as balconet in its architectural term. They are mostly seen in countries like France, Spain, Italy etc.

7. Half-timbered building - Buildings which have the support of woods as well together with other building materials are known as half-timbered buildings. In this kind of structure both bricks and plasters and woods have been used to give it a form.

8. Veneer - A decorative covering made of thin fine wood used as a covering to rough or coarse wood or other material to give it a better finishing is known as veneer.

9. Dependency - According to some dictionary a dependency is a relationship that signifies that a single or a set of model elements requires other model elements for their specification or implementation. This means that the complete semantics of the depending elements is either semantically or structurally dependent on the definition of the supplier element(s).

10. Arcade - A passage way marked in different ways is known as an arcade. Arcades can be the passageway under a series of arches, the area between arches and a wall, or just a covered walkway between arches. Arcades can happen on the exterior as a semi-enclosed space or on the interior.

To give you a basic idea of the most common terms used in construction projects we've chosen these words. If you have a strong memory to keep these meanings in mind we're sure you wouldn't have much complexities while dealing with your own construction project. If you're still looking for the meshing of a term that you didn't find here, you're welcome to contact us at ASE INFRASTRUCTURES and we'll get back to you with the best details about it shortly.

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