10 Budget kitchen Updates for Your Kitchen


When you buy a home kitchen is the one space that you pay a lot of attention to. It's because most of us spend a lot of time in our kitchens, whether we want to or not. The kitchen design and features is one of the most important factors to consider while moving out to a new home. If you ain't shifting and you're bored with the way your kitchen looks you certainly can update your kitchen on a budget. Modernize your kitchen and give it a budget friendly kitchen makeover.

1. Warm up with color

No home without a kitchen is home. Kitchen is the heart of any home. Since food is love, and kitchen is the place where people gather to make it, bake it or cook it, you must use a warm color to your kitchen walls that would welcome people in, and would make them feel interested to join in the cooking process. Paint the walls in a rich shade of yellow or earthy green and give your own kitchen a warm and colorful personality.

2. Go high contrast

If you got your kitchen coloured in dark shades then infuse whites in it. Touch of pure white amidst the dark shades of your kitchen room will give you a sense of relief.

3. Label shelves

Shelves are an important part of kitchen and almost everything related to food resides in kitchen. So shelves are a must. You must ask your kitchen renovation manager to organize the shelves in a way that each type of things are separated from others and are easily accessible for you. Get the shelves labeled to make it easy for you to find out exactly what you're looking for. An organized kitchen acts like a boost to your cooking impulses.

4. Put Tuxedo

Tuxedo cabinets are now one of the hottest trends in kitchen designs right now. You can use contrasting colors for the units, in case you choose black for the bottom unit you can go for color white for the upper one. You can get it painted with just a single can of paint and you're good to go.

5. Use a piece of art

Any piece of classy artwork gives your kitchen an elegant look as well as an instant character. You can use a painting, a photograph or a poster, it would all give your kitchen a finishing look.

6. Open Shelves

Getting new cabinets constructed in your kitchen area is comparatively expensive. Replace it with open hanging shelves. It wouldn't only cost you less but it would also make your kitchen seem larger. According to your personal style and choice you can accessories the shelves.

7. Add natural texture

Update an old kitchen in budget by saving on your kitchen windows by using bamboo blinds or woven blinds to cover it. These would add a natural texture to your kitchen and would also last longer. One of the biggest mistakes can be covering too much of the window. Whenever possible allow the natural light to penetrate in.

8. Bright lighting

Use bright lights that are not much expensive in your kitchen area to give you that bright feeling which will always arouse an interest in cooking. Other than using single pendant that takes quite the space seek out lighting styles with geometric shapes and patterns and warm metallic finishes that are hanging and doesn't really occupy space.

9. Sort the contents

You can sort the contents in your kitchen cabinets based on similarities into categories. This is the first step to an organized storage space. This makes it easy to find what you need at a glance, and creates a sense of visual order in the space.

10. Spread a rug

Like you read your kitchen space like any other area in your apartment must be warm and inviting. Pick a boldly patterned woven rug that's within budget and spread it on your kitchen floor. Prices of rugs are not much now during the internet age and you can easily get one at an affordable price.

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